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energie Fitness Archway

646 Holloway Road, London, N19 3NU
Mon - Sun: 24 Hours
Mon - Sun: 24 Hours
Mon - Sun: 24 Hours

The moment you walk into Energie Fitness Archway, things feel different. From the warm personal welcome you’ll get from our friendly colleagues to the awesome equipment you normally only get at pricey gyms, we offer a unique blend of budget and boutique – so you really feel like you belong.

Ready to smash your goals? Join our locally-owned gym in Archway and make this the year you feel great about fitness. 

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No matter what your age, shape, size or fitness level, our gym in Archway has a wide range of kit and facilities to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What makes us different

The Yard at Energie Fitness Gym
The Yard

Exclusive to énergie Fitness, the Yard is a seriously cool training space. Our fitness playground is equipped with a range of versatile kit, such as punch bags, TRX, and slam balls. Our Yard classes combine high intensity interval training and functional equipment for an extra tough 30-minute workout, which enables you to incorporate all the muscles in your body and burn the maximum amount of calories, whilst pushing your heart rate further than normal.

Great Customer Service at Energie Fitness Gym
Customer Service

From the moment you step through our doors, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be there to greet you with a warm smile and assist you with any inquiries or concerns. We believe that building a strong relationship with our members is key to creating a supportive and motivational atmosphere. Our team is dedicated to getting to know you on a personal level, understanding your fitness goals, and tailoring our services to meet your individual needs.

Premium Gym Equipment at Energie Fitness
Premium Equipment

With state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of fitness options, we offer something for everyone. Our well-equipped strength training area, cardio zone, and functional training zone provide the tools necessary to enhance your fitness levels. We also offer group fitness classes, including yoga, spinning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and much more. Personal training sessions are available for those seeking personalized attention and guidance.


Explore our classes


Get fitter, leaner, and stronger with this classic multi-station full-body workout system designed to burn some serious calories


Enjoy a fun and energetic full-body workout by mixing low and high-intensity Latin-inspired dance moves in a calorie-burning dance fitness party

Box Fit

Boxfit is a cardiovascular workout which includes skipping, boxing drills and abdominal workouts to improve fitness and toning

Signature Strength

Strength train to burn fat, tone & shape muscles. Our workouts challenge lower, core & upper body to bring the burn


A combination of physical postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance in the body


Combining martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio, this high-energy class builds stamina, coordination and flexibility to burn calories.


Build strength, stamina, endurance, and a winning mindset with varied drills and techniques. Battle your way to a fitter, stronger body and mind

Legs, Bums & Tums

Tone your thighs, bum and stomach with a workout that targets your legs, glutes, abs and core to help to burn calories while also toning muscle


Pilates focuses on core muscles while strengthening arms and legs. A pivotal workout for building core strength and improving posture.

Booty Blast

 This butt and thigh workout will have your muscles on fire! High toning, butt lifting exercises to sculpt and shape your booty.

Upper Body Blast

A series of small group training sessions lasting 12 minutes incorporating fun, and innovation to provide variety, quality and results to our members. These classes are also available to CLASSIC Members.

Body Conditioning

A full-body workout focusing on strength and muscular endurance, these classes will help to develop a strong and toned physique.

Learn to lift

This class is here to help you understand the fundamentals of lifting weights, so you can feel more confident when you step in the gym.

Dance Fit

Great footwork and full-body movements will bring on the sweat. All dance enthusiasts and performers-at-heart are encouraged to attend.

Meet Our Team

When you want some extra guidance, our team are right here. So the help you need to hit your next fitness goal is always on-hand. Whether you want to lose weight, prepare for your first triathlon, or just find your feet in the gym environment, all you have to do is ask.

Hassan & Hussain

Gym Owners


Personal Trainer

I help professionals achieve FAT LOSS and LEAN MUSCLE GAIN.

I have helped people lose 14 kg or gain 6kg of lean muscle within a few months.

I am Transformation, Online and Boxing coach.

I have done athletic training for over a decade.

I was a county cricket champion age 12, a brown tag belt in karate, taekwondo, jitsu, Judo by 14,Boxing since I was 18 years old.

As well bodybuilding for 9 years.

My passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals has grown from helping friends and numerous clients.

If you’re ready to achieve your results send me a text or DM me on Instagram saying ‘ENERGIE’ and I’ll book you for a free consultation call.

Contact details:

Mobile: 07597563999

Email: [email protected]



Personal Trainer

I don’t sell dreams and I don’t sell fake promises.

My job as a Personal Trainer is to teach, educate and help you understand your body.

I provide long term solutions and support through every step of your journey.

I don’t provide fancy features I provide realistic expectations and reachable goals!!!

Contact details:

Mobile: 07455777114

Email: [email protected]

Insta: @MissionBodyfit


Personal Trainer

I believe fitness is a lifestyle and if you want something you have to put in the work to get it! As your personal trainer it is my job to motivate, support and encourage you to become your best self. To me this is not just training, this is a mindset and anything worth having means we may need to get uncomfortable to become comfortable.

So whatever your reasons are for training, I will always aim to accomplish your goals with you and make that dream body a reality!

Mobile: 07376 085196

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @minabuilds


Personal Trainer

I am here to motivate and support your goals, no matter the circumstances. My services cover eating, training, stress management, accountability, and mental wellbeing. Your first consultation is detailed and free, tailored to help you overcome challenges. With a personal touch, I inspire and push you beyond limits.

Having been training since the age of 15, I have mastered eating plans/habits and workouts. With my 8 years of experience and working with over 300 clients, I can guide you to weight loss, muscle gain, self-improvement, and stronger mental health. Commitment is key for holistic growth – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Contact details:

Mobile: +44 7572 002261

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @vip_coach_33


Fitness Instructor


Fitness Instructor

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